Why you won't get ahead if you don't know this simple secret

The serial achievers constantly use a well-known and often overlooked ‘secret’. It is a very basic, very simple element that sets in motion everything in the universe. There is no doubt that it is real and essential. Despite this, most people do their utmost to avoid it.

Without this ‘secret’, all dreams, hopes, wishes and well intentioned goals will remain in a keepsake box stuffed under the bed. In rainy afternoons, the box will be found, its carefully saved items dusted off and treasured again. We will think about potential possibilities for a while, and hopefulness will fizzle. There will be a sense of wistfulness that settles over us, and with a tired resolve, the goals, ambitions, and potentials for this project are put to rest again.

Quite simply, potential is worth absolutely nothing as it stands in the present. Without the obvious secret that leads to manifestation, goals, dreams, wishes, hopes, and desires only have potential. At this point, it doesn't matter. Few things in this world are so common as latent potential. Your desires will become real before your very eyes when you add in the magical ingredient.

We call it 'action', the secret ingredient of magic. Get it started, do it, go, ACT. Do it, get it done, follow through, start.

There is always a beginning point on the road to manifestation. All things exist, but you must either accept them or go get them. To get results, you need to take an active role.


Consider sitting at a train station because you want to travel. Any place you want to get to, there is a bus available. You strongly wish to go but are not getting anywhere. Every minute, hundreds of people are beginning their journey towards all over the country. But you are still in one place. At the station bench. What is it going to take for you to stop looking at others around you and actually get to places yourself? In this case, to just get up and choose to step on to a train.


Take action instead of wasting potential. Put yourself on a path to succeed. Ultimately, the road will lead wherever you wish to go, but you need to take that first step. Regardless of how much you dream, without action in the right direction, your goals will not come true, and the reality will remain a wistful keepsake hidden underneath your bed.

You will discover your path once you take action and start. Act.

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