Five Reasons to Bring your Heart to Work

Did you know that the root biomass of a tree is approximately the same as what grows above ground in most parts of the world? So, when we look at the section of a tree above the ground, we only see half of it.

The same is true for people. Our lives go far beyond what we see. Unfortunately, too many people bring their physical selves (their bodies) and their mental selves (their minds) to work (if they didn't, they wouldn't remain in the workplace long), but leave their emotional selves (their hearts) behind.

Do you bring your heart to work every day? Without emotional involvement, you miss out on great opportunities. The following are five reasons why you should bring your whole self to work every day.

  1. You'll feel more energetic. By disconnecting our emotions before going to work, we lose an important energy source. When we believe in what we are doing, our hearts can provide a deep reservoir of energy that we can use and it does not necessarily have to flow one way. While we are fully engaged in our work, our energy increases, and we also receive more energy in return.

  1. You will be healthier. When you commit your whole self to your efforts, you will be rewarded in more ways than energy alone. Having more energy will lead to better health.

  1. Your enthusiasm will increase. According to Dale Carnegie, act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiastic. Neither our hands nor our heads produce enthusiasm. Our enthusiasm comes from our hearts. Let your enthusiasm for your work show. You’ll be amazed at how this can change your entire outlook and performance at work.

  1. Your productivity will increase. Give it some thought. When do you get more done or when you are jazzed about a particular project? Why is there a difference? It's your heart and soul. You will be more productive if you put your heart into what you do, whether you work alone, in a team, or lead others.

  1. It will be more enjoyable for you. Enjoying your work is of utmost importance for long-term sustainability. Unfortunately, too many people do not even believe that this is possible. This isn't true if you only bring half of yourself to work. However, you will enjoy your work much more when you fully engage yourself with it.

Do I advocate becoming workaholics? No way. Quite the contrary, in fact. If we do our best at work and gain all of the benefits listed above, we may not have to work longer. Even if we work harder, we'll definitely work smarter. And we will have a great time doing it all.

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