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Founder & CEO

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Senior Projects Coordinator

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Business Development

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Strategic Collaborations 

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Mugdha Yelkar Kekre

Founder, Timekeepers

Traveler, dog parent and an empowerment coach. I brings 14+ years of multidisciplinary experience across cultural heritage, rural tourism livelihoods and teaching roles. I have undertaken independent projects in heritage, tourism and R&D for organizations like IIT Delhi, State Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Raigad, INTACH, Mahratta Chambers of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture.


From heading multiple projects and being in leadership roles, my single-most important take-away is that there is nothing as fulfilling as enabling a self-motivated individual to craft and pursue an intentional life of purpose.

When I am not trying to better the world for others, you can find me playing Civilization 6 with vengeance, or taking a long walk with my two best men - husband & Simba, our dog and planning the next stay in the Himalayas while sipping on irreplaceable freshly brewed filter coffee.

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Prithwiraj Gupta

Senior Project Coordinator

As a history post-graduate, Prithwi started out with a research-minded focus. Within a year, he picked up skills well beyond his professional experience and exposure.


He brings boundless enthusiasm combined with sharp analytical thinking, excellent co-ordination, and growing managerial potential to the Timekeeper's team. Most of all his sense of humor and adventure makes him a essential and perfect fit for start-up core team

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Air Commodore Nitin Sathe, Veteran

Mentor, Timekeepers

Air Commodore Nitin Sathe is a helicopter pilot of the Indian Air Force with 35 years of commissioned service to his credit. During his career, he has been a part of many life-threatening and lifesaving missions, both in India and abroad. He has flown almost all the helicopters on the IAF inventory and has a total of 5500 hours of flying experience. 


During his career spanning 35 years, the officer has commanded many important units and large establishments in the IAF and has been responsible for these to be battle-ready at all times. He has had a stint in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Congo and has been Director Training at the National Defence Academy and the Senior Instructor at the Defence Services Staff College. 


He is an MSc in Defence Studies, MPhil in Disaster Management, and MBA in HR. He also is an interviewing specialist and has been the President of a premier Services Selection Board of our country.

When the tsunami of 2004 ravaged the islands of Car Nicobar Islands, he volunteered to go there for the rescue, relief, and rehabilitation efforts and stayed there for a year battling against all odds to bring back the islands to normalcy. Long thereafter, he decided to pen down his experiences and came out with his first book titled ‘A Few Good Men and the Angry Sea’ released in 2014. Egged on with the success of his first effort, he went on to write a biography of his batchmate, Flying Officer MP Anil Kumar- A MiG-21 pilot who became a quadriplegic due to an accident at the age of 24.


Air Cmde Sathe retired from the IAF in Mar 2020 and is presently settled at Pune. He is a keen adventure enthusiast and does long-distance cycling for fun. He is also interested in Yoga, reading, sketching, and cooking. You can also get a glimpse of his writings on various current topics on Rediff.com to which he contributes quite often. Post-retirement, he utilizes his time in storytelling on the internet with the aim of motivating our youth to do well in life. His lectures are also held for the corporate, educational institutions, and other professionals in various fields.


As a mentor to Timekeepers, he brings years of valuable experience and a wide ranging skill set from his time in the IAF to provide insights and guidance regarding organisational growth, business development and strategic decision making.

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Sandeep Gawde

Business Development Consultant

Accomplished Sales & Business Development professional with over 30 years of experience across Supply Chain Management, Core team member for ERP Oracle & SAP Implementation and Consulting domain.


Delivered high value business growth (both top and bottom line) in volatile market conditions. Experience in developing and leading output oriented teams. Ability to problem solve and collaborate with multidisciplinary stakeholders.

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Chaitanya Kekre

Strategic Collaborations Consultant

Founder of Fermi325 Investment Advisors, Chaitanya is an Engineer by qualification, wealth management strategist by profession, and future venture capitalist by aspiration.

His love for numbers and visionary strategic planning skills enable him to forge win-win collaborations for Timekeepers Consultants.

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